4XL-5XL Baja Hoodie Drug Rugs

The 4xl, 5xl and even 6xl baja hoodie might be hard to find but the secret is that the 3xl drug rug hoodie at MexicanThreads.com is actually as big as what most other companies would mark a 4XL or 5XL hoodie. The XXXL baja hoodie at Mexican Threads will fit somone that is 6’5″ and weighs 300+ lbs.
4xl baja hoodie6xl baja hoodie drug rug5xl baja hoodie drug rug

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Baja Hoodie Drug Rugs

The baja hoodie drug rugs found online at Hippies.com and MexicanThreads.com are made from recycled fibers.

baja hoodie drug rugs

Hippies.com is the leading manufacturer of baja hoodies in the world. They ship from the United States and are the only place that offers free shipping on every order.

They also have the new Mexican baja poncho hoodie or drug rug poncho as seen below.
pink baja poncho hoodie

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Buy Mexican Ponchos Online

Whether you are looking for a Mayan calender or a classic serape Mexican poncho, you can buy them at Mexican Threads. MexicanThreads.com is known for their large collection of baja hoodies that some people refer to as drug rugs, but they also carry the authentic and traditional Mexican ponchos in all sorts of styles. They have falsa blanket material that is straight from Mexico and they have many animal prints including roosters, deer, bear, horses and chickens. They even have a Clint Eastwood poncho just like he wore in the movies.
clint eastwood poncho

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Mexican Threads Baja Hoodies

The leading site for baja hoodies is MexicanThreads.com where they have have bajas for days. They have the largest selection of these hippie looking Mexican blanket hoodies. Some people call them a Mexican poncho hoodie and that is a pretty accurate name. It is better than the slang term “drug rug” that many people have began to know them by. No matter what you decide to call them, you can buy these awesome pullover sweatshirts at Mexican Threads.
rasta baja hoodiezip baja hoodiebaja jackets

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Hippie Clothing | Mexican Poncho Hoodie

If there is one thing that hippies love wearing it’s a Mexican poncho hoodie which is often called a drug rug hoodie. These bajas are striped and have a kangaroo pocket on the front and you can buy them online at MexicanThreads.com. While it might not be the exact same thing as a Mexican poncho, you can see why people call them by many random names like a Mexican blanket hoodie.
mexican poncho hoodie
mexican threads poncho hoodies

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What Are Those Colorful Poncho Hoodies

You might have seen the baja hoodie around but you never knew what they were called. Well now you know, so what are you waiting for? Get over to Mexican Threads and buy one. Oh and some people actually call them drug rugs or baja jackets.
colorful poncho hoodie

See the famous Mexican Threads drug rug online at drugrughug.com

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Purple Baja Hoodie

MexicanThreads.com has the most amazing purple baja hoodie on earth. I will list some pictures of it here but you need to go over to their site in order to purchase it. Drug rugs for girls are basically the same fit as the ones for men but they have more feminine colors like pink or purple. The pink baja hoodies are very popular among women. pink baja hoodiepurple baja hoodiediamond pink baja hoodiepink baja hoodie for girls

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Traditional Mexican Poncho vs Baja Hoodie Poncho

When looking for a Mexican poncho people are typically looking for 1 of 2 things. Either the traditional Mexican poncho pictured below or the Mexican baja hoodie pictured above. If you want a traditional poncho, which is a Mexican blanket with a hole in the middle for your head, you need to head over to elchamaco.com. If you are looking to buy the Mexican sweater baja hoodie poncho (pictured above) which has long sleeves and is hooded, you need to head over to MexicanThreads.com.

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Mexican Baja Poncho Pullover

What is a Mexican poncho pullover?

Well there are 2 types of ponchos and one is known as a traditional Mexican poncho that is usually made from a falsa or Mexican serape blanket.  The traditional falsa poncho is a bit thicker than the sarape blanket poncho but they both are pretty much a Mexican blanket with a hole in it for the head.

The second type of poncho is the baja poncho pullover.  This is the Mexican sweater that is known as a jerga or franela in Spanish.  They are imported to the U.S. and sold at sites like MexicanThreads.com where you can buy them in bulk with their discounted wholesale baja hoodie prices or you can get them individually.  Mexican Threads offers the lowest prices on the Internet for Mexican sweatshirts because they are the leading carrier of Mexican hoodies in the U.S.  You can find all sizes from the largest being XXXL to the smallest kids size Mexican hoody.  They also offer free shipping to the continental U.S. on all of their Mexican baja shirts.


A Mexican poncho hoodie is not the same as a Mexican blanket poncho.  The Mexican poncho sweatshirt is a hooded mexican poncho that was made famous by hippies and surfers in the 80′s.  The original senor lopez poncho and Bob Marley poncho (rasta hoodie) can be found at MEXICANTHREADS.COM where they offer the best price on all Mexican apparel.

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Mexican Poncho Baja

The mexican poncho baja hoodie is not your tradition pancho but something much cooler. You can see many different colors and styles of the famous mexican baja hoodie at MexicanThreads.com.

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